Tachlog Pvt Ltd

Technology becomes meaningful only when it is put to a serve meaningful purpose. Tachlog committed to extending solutions through Embedded Technology Application. The fast-moving bandwagon of present-day technologies has already taken us to the gates of Industry 4.0. With the rapid progress has come automation in different aspects of life – at domestic and professional fronts. Our abilities, starting from ideation to delivery, are supported by an in-depth understanding of product development and design of digital, analog and RF tools.

Purpose-driven Thinking

Our experienced engineers capture the unique objective of the product. We develop the model and simulate its functions in a prototype to ensure no propositions of marketing are compromised. We ensure our electronics technology will add value to a larger design of components. Our strengths are – building high-end architectural definitions, developing a microprocessor/microcontroller and Digital Signal Processor (DSP) based design on Printed Circuit Boards (PCB).

Products are built on an 8-bit single-chip controller like AVR and multi-core processor like ARM. Tachlog’s skilled circuit design engineers spend time to understand the objectives of the product in a bid to rule out potential malfunctions in the long run. Connectivity solutions for devices and components are rigged with refined communication protocols and state-of-the-art data transfer components. EMployed in devices like

The relatively new arena of Robotics and Process Automation have been making an overwhelming impact on most industries in the world. Tachlog’s R&D division has taken a rather serious note of the developments in this area. Robotics has become a key focus of team Tachlog, successfully making a few great strides in the right direction. While the word ‘innovation’ is used to describe nearly all practical and non-practical purposes, we believe creative thinking and sense of purposefulness should be the driving spirit behind robotics. It is indeed our hunger for application-driven technology which has helped us to create a range of robots and robotic components.

Tachlog’s Product Domains

  • - IoT products
  • - Ultra Low power Sensor
  • - Automation
  • - 3D Cad Model
  • - Custom Product Development