Our R&D in the field of sterilization in lieu of pandemic Covid-19 has led us to the development of an International quality disinfection robot and we named it ‘STERROBO’. This operates completely without human intervention. The robot can automatically guard for sterilization and disinfection in the predetermined area. The condensed ultraviolet beams emitting from the uv tube can kill bacteria, virus, fungus and other harmful microorganisms, with a high disinfection rate certified with accurate test report of SCTIMST.


A simpler, more efficient and reliable utility metering system. From installing the smart meter to automated data collection using cloud technology, usage analytics, and grievance handling to billing customers, Flow does it all.


SmartGro is Built-in smart IoT technologies composed of sensors, controllers and watering kits bringing an efficient system of irrigation that helps to implement drip irrigation in Landscaping and Precision Farming.